AC Service in Woodbridge VA

A/C Service in Woodbridge, VA 

Summer is coming- Is your car ready to beat the heat?

Let the experts at Lake Ridge Auto Care in Woodbridge, VA assist you with A/C service!

Our professional technicians are certified to diagnose and repair the components in your vehicle’s air conditioning system in Woodbridge, VA.   

Vehicle air conditioning repair can include a variety of tasks.  Additional services your vehicle might need include:

  • System fan level check
  • Freon check
  • Blower fan and compressor examination 
  • Belts and hoses inspection
  • Diagnosis of possible problems with faulty switches, fuses, wiring, the condenser, or internal compressor seal failure

You can trust the professionals at Lake Ridge Auto Care in Woodbridge, VA  to get your car summer ready with A/C Service and Inspection!

Lake Ridge Auto Care offers a variety of automotive maintenance and repair services in Woodbridge, VA .  Contact us today!


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