Meet Our Staff!

Franklin Gonzalez

Frank has been in the automotive field for 8+ years, started in automotive parts sales and slowly moving on to the service side. He has 2 ASE Certifications for Service Consultant and Parts Specialist as well as numerous Tire Specialist Certifications. We are thrilled to add this valuable addition to our team. Come by and see Frank today.

Milan Grkovic

Milan, one of the most ambitious members of our staff, is fairly new to our LRAC family but has 3+ years of experience in the automotive field ranging from auto repair to his outstanding customer service. His influential drive to succeed and passion for cars makes Milan a valuable member of the Lake Ridge Autocare Team.

Edward Lemus
Edward is new to the Automotive field but has plenty of prior experience working in the customer service field. He is furthering his studies in the cyber security field, while following his passion for cars. We are happy to have Edward join our staff.

Jonathan Rogers
Jonathan is one our Newest members to the team. He brings 28 years of Automotive experience and customer service to our front counter staff. He’s the father of 4 and a avid football fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. So stop on by and welcome our Newest member.