VW / Audi

With a combined 65 plus years experience in the automotive industry, we specialize in all things Audi and VW. We know these precision-engineered machines inside and out, and pride ourselves on being able to repair and tune all models, from the Volkswagen Beetle to the R8 luxury supercar.

With so much innovation coming from this automaker, it is important to have your Audi and VW service and repair done by qualified technicians using the latest technical equipment. We know what you expect when you drive away from having your scheduled maintenance and repairs done on your Audi or VW car or SUV. We can handle any Audi or VW repairs you may need, and perform all the routine service that will maintain the superior driving experience, comfort and safety you had in mind when you made that initial investment in your Audi or VW vehicle. Contact us today for any Audi or VW repair or service.

  • Oil Service
  • Engine - Spark Plugs, Fuel and Air Filters, Sensors
  • Cooling - Radiator, Water Pump, Hoses, Thermostat
  • MIL Diagnostics (check engine light)
  • Timing Belt Replacement
  • Engine Oil Leak Specialist
  • ABS & Airbag Light Diagnostics
  • Brake & Suspension Servicing
  • Electronic Diagnosis & Programming
  • Accessories and Air Conditioning
Volkswagen and Audi service

Our state-of-the-art "Factory" VW/Audi diagnostic tools enable us to perform the same diagnostic repairs and instrument coding that, in the past, could only be carried out by authorized dealerships.


Listed below is the up-dated service interval for timing belt replacement. Audi and Volkswagen vehicles utilize these flexible composite belts, which if allowed to fail, will do extensive engine damage. Up-dated information is as follows:

  • TT Replacement @ 60k miles **
  • A4 Replacement @ 60-80k miles **
  • A6 Replacement@ 75k miles **
  • A8 & A6 4.2 Replacement @ 75k miles **

All models due on time @ 6 years.

When your warranty coverage is over, and you begin paying on the spot for maintenance and repairs, you are free to make more choices about where your service and repair work is done. Our technicians have the training, skill and equipment to perform all maintenance and repair work, and we can honor your extended warranty contracts. Our customers have made us their preferred choice for continuing their scheduled preventive maintenance and for making their automotive repairs.